Changing the subnet mask in Vmware Workstation on Debian Jessie

I’m currently attending SANS SEC504: Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling in London. For some of the labs in the course we need machines on the IPs and with a subnet mask of

Changing the Subnet Mask for the NAT or host-only networks in VMware Workstation seems like such a easy thing to do. According to VMware it should be as easy as opening the Virtual Network Editor and “type a new value in the Subnet mask text box”.

Oh wait … I can’t change it. The field for subnet mask in the Virtual Network Editor is not editable.

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Manual deobfuscation of a PHP snippet - Part 1

In late July the following question was posted on a IRC-channel i frequent:

Anyone care to devise what an obfuscated PHP payload does?

Sure, why not, sounds like a challenge. This is part 1 of a series of blogposts explaining the headache-inducing three hours that followed.

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Dynamic DNS (IPv4 and IPv6) with Linode

Do you have have free dynamic DNS through

Your free host, will expire in 7 days due to account inactivity. was last updated on <some-datetime-in-the-past>. Free Dynamic DNS hosts must be updated by logging into your account on our website and clicking update, this must be done every 30 days. If you are using the Dynamic Update Client and your  IP address has not changed within the past 30 days, you must manually update it to prevent them from being removed from our system.

Yeah. With a mostly static IP from my school, that started to get annoying after five or six times.

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SyntaxHighlighter Evolved with inline-highlight

After i first posted code for highlight-range i made some small changes to the code in the post as i found better ways of doing things. When i inserted new lines it messed with my highlighting. Inspired by, i wrote a couple of lines that let me specify with a marker in the code (and not by line-number) what line should be highlighted.

Update: Added @hr@ for inline-ranges.

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SyntaxHighlighter Evolved with highlight-range

Update: As of SyntaxHighlighter Evolved v. 3.0.0 this functionality is included in the plugin.

One of the first plugins i installed for this brand new WordPress was SyntaxHighlighter Evolved. I love to code, and knew i would find a use for it. To test it i used a large C++ file from and began testing.

Highlight worked fine, but i i didn’t support highlighting a range of lines. This might not be so useful, as you usually want to highlight small sections, but i rewrote syntaxhighlighter.php to support ranges.

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Using BankID (norwegian type) in Ubuntu 10.04

Update: As of Ubuntu 10.10 this should not be nessesary, as OpenJDK in Ubuntu >= 10.10 should work with BankID.

In Ubuntu 10.04 (and probably onwards) OpenJDK Java and the Icedtea java plugin are the standard Java toolkit. BankID works with OpenJDK (just try installing Opera 10.10. Opera pre 10.5 use OpenJDK directly, without Icedtea), Icedtea is the troublemaker.

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