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SyntaxHighlighter Evolved With Highlight-range

Update: As of SyntaxHighlighter Evolved v. 3.0.0 this functionality is included in the plugin.

One of the first plugins i installed for this brand new WordPress was SyntaxHighlighter Evolved. I love to code, and knew i would find a use for it. To test it i used a large C++ file from cpp.snippets.org and began testing.

Highlight worked fine, but i i didn't support highlighting a range of lines. This might not be so useful, as you usually want to highlight small sections, but i rewrote syntaxhighlighter.php to support ranges.

[code language="text" toolbar="true" gutter="false"]
[code language="php" firstline="740" gutter="true" highlight="748-761,765"][/code]

This expandes into

[code language="html" toolbar="true" gutter="false"]
<pre class="brush: php; auto-links: false; first-line: 740; gutter: true;
highlight: [765,748,749,750,751,752,753,754,755,756,757,758,759,760,761];
html-script: false; light: false; pad-line-numbers: false;
smart-tabs: true; tab-size: 4; toolbar: true; wrap-lines: true;">

after beeing parsed by my (highlighted) changes

[code language="php" wraplines="true" autolinks="false" firstline="740" gutter="true" highlight="748-761,765" htmlscript="false" light="false" padlinenumbers="false" smarttabs="true" tabsize="4" toolbar="true"]
// Sanitize row highlights
if ( false != $atts['highlight'] ) {
@h@ if ( false === strpos( $atts['highlight'], ',' ) && false === strpos( $atts['highlight'], '-' ) ) {
$atts['highlight'] = (int) $atts['highlight'];
} else {
$highlights = explode( ',', $atts['highlight'] );

foreach ( $highlights as $key => $highlight ) {
// if this value is a range
if (FALSE !== strpos($highlight, '-',1)) {
// we require 1 digit before the dash,
// if not we ignore it and pass it on
$range = explode('-', $highlight);
// Around here we should probably try to cast
// to int and if-check to sanitize the values
// loop over the range and add it to highlights
for(;$range[0] <= $range[1]; $range[0]++){
$highlights[] = $range[0];
// unset the current (range-type) highlight
} else {
$highlights[$key] = (int) $highlight;
if ( empty($highlights[$key]) )

$atts['highlight'] = implode( ',', $highlights );

New syntaxhighlighter.php with highlight-range-code based on SyntaxHighlighter Evolved version 2.3.8

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