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SyntaxHighlighter Evolved With Inline-highlight

After i first posted code for highlight-range i made some small changes to the code in the post as i found better ways of doing things. When i inserted new lines it messed with my highlighting. Inspired by pastebin.com, i wrote a couple of lines that let me specify with a marker in the code (and not by line-number) what line should be highlighted.

Update: Added @hr@ for inline-ranges.

The second codeblock is inside a shortcode similar to this:

[code language="plain"]
[code language="php" firstline="736" gutter="true" highlight=""]

All the highlighting is done by @hr@-tags on line 740 and 761. Lines 747, 751 and 754 are prefixed with @h@ to show that single lines inside a (possibly) large highlighted range can be excluded. Both marker tags are removed and do not appear when displayed or in code-view.

[code language="php" firstline="736" gutter="true" highlight=""]
// Automatically enable "htmlscript" for certain brushes
//if ( false === $atts['html-script'] && in_array( $lang, apply_filters( 'syntaxhighlighter_htmlscriptbrushes', array( 'php' ) ) ) )
// $atts['html-script'] = 'true';

@hr@ // Detect and add inline highlights (@h@) and ranges (@hr@)
$codelines = explode("n", $code);
$h_marker = '@h@'; $h_marker_length = strlen($h_marker);
$h_range = '@hr@';
$atts['firstline'] = (int) $atts['firstline']; // sanitize firstline as we need it
$hra = false; $h = false;
foreach($codelines as $linenum => $line) { // could have used &$line, but that is php5-only
@h@ if($h_marker == substr($line, 0, $h_marker_length)) {
// could have used "$line =" in php
$codelines[$linenum] = substr($line,$h_marker_length, (strlen($line) - $h_marker_length));
$h = true;
@h@ } else if($h_range == substr($line, 0, 4)) {
$hra = !$hra; // we swap on/of ever time we detect the tag
$codelines[$linenum] = substr($line,4); //, (strlen($line) - 4));
@h@ }
if($h xor $hra) { // we use xor so we can use a @h@ to escape a active $hra
$atts['highlight'] = ($atts['highlight'] == false) ?
($linenum + $atts['firstline'] -1 ) :
$atts['highlight'] . ',' . ($linenum + $atts['firstline'] -1 );
$h = false;
@hr@ $code = implode("n",$codelines);

// Sanitize row highlights
if ( false != $atts['highlight'] ) {

New syntaxhighlighter.php with the inline-highlight-code based on SyntaxHighlighter Evolved version 2.3.8

New syntaxhighlighter.php with the inline-highlight and highlight-range-code based on SyntaxHighlighter Evolved version 2.3.8